Lockdown Concerts 2020

This page features three self-accompanied concerts made during the South African Lockdown 2020. Filmed on my iPhone in April, June and December. My goal for 2021 is to perform these pieces in Live Concerts.

April: Lockdown Concert to replace ‘Musicians for the Sarjeant’ fundraising concert in Whanganui, New Zealand

This concert was filmed in the Art Gallery of the Grande Provence Wine Estate, Franschhoek, South Africa.

Aria from Linda di Chamounix
Ah, tardai troppo…O luce


Aria from Lucia di Lammermoor


Ave Maria – Schubert
This has an authentic 19th Century accompaniment

La Serenata – Tosti
This is fun to play on the guitar.


The wine estate is featured in this Qantas video.


June: Lockdown Concert to replace ‘St Andrews on the Terrace Lunchtime Concert’ in Wellington, New Zealand

Aria from Carmen
Filmed amongst hundreds of thousands of wine bottles!

Aria from I Capuleti e i Montecchi
Filmed in the wine cellar in front of the oak barrels.

Aria from La Traviata
Filmed in the wine tank room at Grande Provence, South Africa.

Aria from Rigoletto
This must be the hardest of all the arias to self accompany!

Original Song
This was filmed inside the 300 year old Manor House.

Peace Song by Dorothy Buchanan
I love to include a New Zealand composer in every concert.

FINALE – authentic 19th Century guitar accompaniment

December 2020: Third and Final Lockdown Concert

Slight delay due to the start of Live Concerts again!


Aria from The Barber of Seville
Here is a Rehearsal from my studio recorded on my iPhone. The final version will be uploaded in October. Una voce poco fa is a fabulous aria by Rossini that can be made as easy or difficult as the singer wishes.

Rehearsal. Finished version will be uploaded in October.

Aria from La Sonnambula
Ah, non credea and ah, non giunge. Bellini can write a good tune!

Parla by Arditi
This charming waltz is perfect with guitar accompaniment. Here I have tuned the guitar at 430HZ and the metronome at 200. This song is a terrific for practicing trills and arpeggios!

Aria from Carmen
I am currently obsessed with Manuel Garcia’s Treatise on the Art of Singing. This is making a big difference to achieving a nice blend between chest and medium tones colours. I am realy happy with this version of Habanera!

Arias from Lucia di Lammermoor
Here is my first complete recording of the Mad Scene. Still in a Lockdown but at least the guitar can provide the odd chord or two!
10mins plus.

Lucia 1 Rehearsal
Lucia 2 Rehearsal

Aria from Rigoletto
I will rework Caro Nome.

Lucia Rehearsal 3
Lucia 4 Rehearsal

Thank you for watching the Lockdown concerts. I welcome you to join me on social media!

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