Serenades by Deborah Wai Kapohe (Virtual)

Watch this space! I will play a major festival in early 2022…will announce when they release the details…

Thank you for joining me while I sing to you from the Western Cape of South Africa. I would like to thank the team at the Auckland Fringe Festival (NZ), Covert Theatre in Ponsonby (NZ), Eventfinda (NZ), Richard Loring (ZA), Grande Provence Wine Estate (ZA) and Jenny Stevenson (NZ) for making this Virtual Concert possible.


Nobles Seigneurs! (Les Huguenots)
Today, I am singing to you from one of the first vineyards to be established in South Africa. Grande Provence Wine Estate, established in 1694, is situated in the village of Franschhoek in the Western Cape. Franscchoek means “French Corner” because it was settled by the Huguenot settlers who fled Europe to settle here where they could practice their religion freely. Hence, it is perfect to begin today’s concert with this charming Cavatina from Meyerbeer’s Opera “Les Huguenots”.
3 mins

Nobles Seigneurs sung in Italian – Lieti Signor – Meyerbeer

Habanera (Carmen)
I would like to stay with French music a little while longer and introduce you to my favourite Opera Character – Carmen. In this aria, suited perfectly to the guitar accompaniment, Carmen tells us that love is whimsical like a bird – if you want it then it is not there, if you don’t want it then it is there!
4 mins

Habanera from Carmen

The Last Rose of Summer (Pratten/Moore)
The guitar was a craze in the 19th Century. Today, I am playing a replica of a 19th Century guitar that was made for me by New Zealand Luthier, Dr Suzanne Court. This instrument has kept me company during South Africa’s long Lockdown! This song is a typical authentic 19th Century song arranged for voice and guitar and was extremely popular until the turn of the 20th Century. 3 mins

The Last of Rose of Summer – Pratten/Moore/Traditional

Regnava nel Silenzio (Lucia di Lammermoor)
19th Century Opera is well-known for its exotic locations and florid singing. This aria, from the Opera “Lucia di Lammermoor” by Donizetti, is sung by Lucy at the beginning of the opera, Lucia di Lammermoor, which is set in Scotland. In this aria, Lucy tells her friend, Alice, about the gloomy legend of the fountain. She then cheers the gloominess up with thoughts of her lover, Edgar.

Regnava nel Silenzio & Quando Rapito from Lucia di Lammermoor

Come away with me by Norah Jones
In this video, I take a moment to chat about the vocal technique I am using and how it enables me to sing diverse styles of music without tiring my voice.

Come away with me by Norah Jones

Starry, starry night (Vincent)
Bel Canto singing isn’t only for singing Opera. To the contrary, the technique was the foundation for musical theatre until recently. This song is from the musical Vincent and it allows me the opportunity to sing you a popular song in English.

Starry, starry night from Vincent

Sound of Music Medley
Thank you for joining me here in ZA. I think for all of us there are some magical moments from our childhood that we never forget. For me it’s sitting in a movie house in Aotearoa with hundreds of children and watching the one and only beautiful Julie Andrews running down a hill in Austria…getting closer and closer…and suddenly opening her arms and singing…

Sound of Music Medley

New Zealand Medley
6 mins

Some favourite New Zealand pop songs

Hine, e hine
This concert would not be complete without a song in Aotearoa’s beautiful and unique language – Te Reo.

Māori Folk Song from New Zealand

This virtual concert was filmed at the Art Gallery of the Grande Provence Wine Estate.

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