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Dame Nellie Melba – Melba Method, 1926

This bibliography will continually evolve. The purpose of my website is to demonstrate techniques, in order to refresh my voice and prepare myself for teaching, rather than explain how to achieve the technique. Accordingly, I will refer to a book and it will be up to the reader to locate the book and read the passage for themselves. The majority of the books are available for free on the internet.


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Daniel Shigo’s website is a taonga (Māori for treasure). It is a continual source of inspiration for me.

Further Listening on Spotify

The following playlists are curated playlists. The purpose is to provide examples of fine technique. The playlists are continually evolving. Occasionally, there are some radical examples. For example, breathy singing, straight tones. Radical examples are included for discussion rather than as an example of the Old Italian Method of Bel Canto.

Coloratura Arias for Soprano
Volume One for Soprano
Volume Two for Soprano
Arias for Mezzo Soprano

Curated Spotify Playlists based on the Schirmer arias for Tenor, Baritone and Bass to follow.

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