The Start of the Note

Esther Salaman’s book ‘Unlocking Your Voice – Freedom to Sing’ describes the start of the note as a ‘caress of the glottis’, a ‘tiny click’ and ‘imploding’. Here are some sound files I made on a, i and u using the mechanism of the larynx. Salaman’s exercise for beginners is to take a ‘happy surprise’ breath, pause and onset a half scale on one breath.

These three vowels are followed by a preliminary agility exercises. This agility exercise should be performed lightly. Very little breath is required to perform them if the onset is a ‘caress of the glottis’, a ‘tiny click’ and ‘imploding’.

The Start of the Note – a
The Start of the Note – i
The Start of the Note – u
Onset and then agility exercise

Published by Deborah Wai Kapohe

I am a classical singer and guitarist. I have created a project called 'The Lilli Lehmann Project'. The project, lasting from 2020 until 2023, aims to refresh my voice and prepare me to be a singing teacher. The scope of the project is that I am studying Lilli Lehmann's singing book, bibliography, recordings and her reviews, as well as other historical vocal pedagogy. I have chosen this platform in order to blog about my discoveries, demonstrate techniques and exercises, and perform pieces of music. I have done so because I wish to be transparent. I think that if a student is prepared to learn from me then I should stand up to public scrutiny.

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