The most important reason to study Garcia

The most important reason to study Garcia is to develop an easy way of singing. His method is common sense and natural. There is no forcing or using silly tricks.

Garcia’s singing exercises, if practised with determination, provide everything that is needed for singing. His singing books are available free on the internet.

Here is a video of me singing “Una Voce Poco Fa”. I am self-accompanying so it is not as easy for me as singing with a accompanist or orchestra but you will hopefully see it is easy and fun for me to sing. It is simple: I breath quietly and pronounce with a tongue that is mostly returning to or against the lower teeth. I feel no tension at all in my throat. I could sing for hours like this.

Rossini – Una Voce Poco Fa

I really recommend that singers who are struggling to give Garcia’s singing books a go.

Published by Deborah Wai Kapohe

I am a classical singer and guitarist. I have created a project called 'The Lilli Lehmann Project'. The project, lasting from 2020 until 2023, aims to refresh my voice and prepare me to be a singing teacher. The scope of the project is that I am studying Lilli Lehmann's singing book, bibliography, recordings and her reviews, as well as other historical vocal pedagogy. I have chosen this platform in order to blog about my discoveries, demonstrate techniques and exercises, and perform pieces of music. I have done so because I wish to be transparent. I think that if a student is prepared to learn from me then I should stand up to public scrutiny.

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